Florida Class “G” Armed Security Officer License Course

In accordance with Florida Chapter 493, Class "G" licensed armed security officers are required to complete 28-hours of classroom and range instruction under the direction of a Class "K" licensed instructor. At the Firearms Training Academy, we offer Class "G" license training as a three day course. Day One and Day Two are conducted as ten-hour classroom days at our training facility in Davie. Day Three includes up to 8-hours of range instruction and final qualification. The Florida Armed Security Officer Course covers all information required by the State of Florida for Class "G" license applicants, including:
  • Florida Statues 493, 775, 776 and 790
  • Firearms Safety & Mechanics
  • Civil Liability & Use of Force Issues
  • Handgun Marksmanship
  • Care and Maintenance of Firearms
  • Other required topics

In addition to lesson instruction, every student is walked through the State application process in a step-by-step manner to ensure that the Class "G" license application is complete and filled out properly.

Students that pass the final exam and range qualification will be given proof of completion to provide to the State when they apply for the Class "G" license.

Graduates that are issued a Florida Class "G" license must return once per year to complete annual requalification to retain their license.

Note: All Class G license officers must also possess a class D license. Therefore, all G license applicants must either already possess a Class D license, or must be applying to the State for the D license at the same time that they are applying for the G license.


Day One and Day Two of the Class "G" course are conducted at the Firearms Training Academy facilities in Davie, Florida.

Day Three is conducted at the following locations:


Currently course tuition is $250.00 per person

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